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Why is WordPress such a great CMS, and such a great tool for US web site promotion?

There are many reasons why WordPress is such a great CMS. Let’s start with the fact that no single piece of software is better optimized for search engine optimization out of the box, with no additional customization than WordPress.

That single statement says a great deal about the design of WordPress. WordPress may have begun as a simple blogging system, but it has evolved as a full-blown content management system, that offers superior control over content items, and all elements of SEO.

All of the information a company needs to present itself to the world for a US web site promotion can be handled very effectively using WordPress. There are literally thousands of themes for WordPress, many of them very beautifully designed.

WordPress is without question the easiest software to learn of any of the CMS on the market. The learning curve is remarkably short. Experienced computer users should be able to dig right in and use WordPress with very little up front instruction.

Of course, anything as complex as a CMS is going to take some time and effort to become proficient, especially to achieve expert status. Personally, I have never experienced such rapid progress, or as short a learning curve, with any software I have used in the last 20 years, as I have with WordPress.

In addition, there are nearly 300 WordPress plugins available by a simple search from any WordPress blog. These plugins cover an extremely wide variety of enhanced functionality to improve, enhance, and extend the capability of WordPress.

Everything from rewrite of post titles, to copyright, superior SEO control, automatic generation of robots.txt file, and automatic backup, plus a hundred other specialized features are available.

The most successful implementations of software in any genre, historically, are those that have allowed and encouraged development of specialized additions to the basic software functionality.

WordPress may have more plugins than any software in any genre that has ever existed. This is a testament not just to the popularity of WordPress, but to the genius of the many talented programmers that have contributed substantially to its success.

Any US web site promotion can benefit from a WordPress blog, either as a stand-alone CMS, or working injunction with a web site of any particular design.

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