Use Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords can be found for Web Site Promotion Using Good Keyword Research.

Long tail keywords are phrases that string several keywords together. For example Promotion, or Web Promotion would be short tail keywords for this particular post. Web Site Promotion could be the main keyword. Web Site Promotion strategy, Web Site Web Site Promotion Methods, Web Site Promotion Tips, etc. would be possible long tail keywords for this post.

Generally, the shorter the keyword, the more competitive the category. High traffic keywords are highly desirable, but they are also very competitive. When you are starting out, it is better to use long tail keywords, since not only are they less competitive, they tend to have more targeted, or focused traffic for your product or service. The disadvantage, of course, is that there is less overall traffic for long tail keywords.

Of course, keyword research using tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, is critical to reveal good keywords with desirable traffic levels. It is simply not productive to pursue keywords that very few people are searching for on the Internet.

It may seem as though you are working backwards by targeting long tail keywords first, before short tail keywords, but that is actually a wise web site promotion strategy. By gaining traffic from long tail keywords first, a site can come closer to achieve a long term goal in a shorter period of time. The short tail keywords are going to require a great deal of effort that may take a substantial amount of time.

It takes patience and time to succeed at highly competitive keywords. In the meantime, you can get traffic and results form the less competitive long tail keywords, and build momentum towards the bigger market of more competitive keywords.

A wise long term strategy is to combine both long and short keywords for the best possible search engine placement, since the greater the number of targeted keywords, the greater the total amount of traffic.

There are practical limits to challenging different types and numbers of keywords. Usually it is difficult to challenge a large number good keywords on an individual post on a blog, but you can target multiple keywords if you set up categories based on them. All categories should closely relate to the main keywords for the site.

In the case of a Joomla web site, the choice of sections, and categories is an important one, and it should reflect the keyword goals of the site.

Of course it is also important to have the body of the text correspond to the section, or category, (or post) if the text is on a WordPress blog.

The correspondence between your title, your WordPress blog categories, or Joomla sections and categories, is very important. Remember Google is always trying to improve the quality of their search. If Google sees a site with a title on one topic, and structure or content on a different unrelated subject, that will not court favor with the Google robot.

Note: the Google robot is merely a name for the invisible visitor, or the crawl of a particular web site. This is actually a specialized automated search of a web site, to evaluate all of the factors that allow Google to place the site appropriately on Search Engine Results Pages.

Make sure that you have good keyword research on long tail keywords for your web site promotion, and you will enjoy great success.

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