Press Release Tutorial

What are the keys to producing effective online press releases ?

Regardless of the size of your company, you can use press releases effectively for your web site promotion.

Just think like a journalist, regardless of the scale of the information you provide in your press release.

This is not major media “Headline News”. It may seem more like personal journalism, but if it is significant to you, to your business, or to your potential customers, it is something to write about.

Imagine you are a mini-CNN correspondent. It’s not that hard to do. Even on the smallest scale, what is there that is notable or unique about you or your company?

Is there a recent acquisition of new technology, a new product, a new business strategy, a new partner, a major new customer, or a recent change of direction ?

It does not even have to be anything significant enough for the local news. Anything new or interesting will work well.

Maybe your type of business is not commonly known, and there is a general interest angle to explain what the business is and what you do. You could explain the business to a lay person that has no knowledge of it, to clear up possible misconceptions.

Any of these approaches will work to promote your company and will help your over web site promotion. It will just take a little creativity.

Write press releases only in the third person. If you write from the viewpoint of a journalist, you will sound objective, and your information will have the ring of authority. Be careful not to make a sales pitch, just tell, and don’t sell.

Your well-researched keywords should be used in a natural way, as if you were in a discussion with the reader. Make sure your title incorporates your keywords, and use them in every second or third paragraph or so, without sounding stiff or forced.

Find free press release companies through a Google search, read the rules for each one, and submit to several of them. Each press release site will have a slightly different submission standard. Be especially careful about what kind of links you use in the press release.

Some press release sites do not allow links at all, only in a secondary section, usually at the bottom of the press release. Some sites allow a limited number of links, and most do not allow them in the first few paragraphs of the release. If you are permitted, use your keywords with links to your web site.

If the press release site allows images, (usually a single image), then you should definitely use them, and name them with your keywords. Nothing pops out better than a picture in search engine results to differentiate you from competitors.

Rewrite each time you submit to a different site, with a slightly different title, and different contents, maintaining your keyword frequency. After a couple days, check Google News, and Google, to see if your press release comes up in the first 3-6 pages.

Don’t worry about too many press releases going out all at once. As long as you have changed each press release slightly, it is unlikely that you will be penalized by Google for duplicate content.

Google understands that online media is viral in nature, and that press releases companies may also borrow and republish news from other sites. If you are lucky, you may even catch the editor of a magazine, or other publication, and you might gain additional links and traffic from this kind of source.

You may be surprised to find your press release on the top pages of Google, under your search keywords ! This is a great traffic builder to your site.

If you are not listed in the top pages of Google because your keywords are quite competitive, does that diminish the value of your press releases ? Not particularly, because you’ve just created fresh content with a link to your website. This is something that Google values, fresh original content, and an incoming link.

Make a list of each press release site you submit to. When you get positive search engine results, reorder the list, so that the more beneficial sites will be at the top of the list for your next press release, and the less beneficial sites last.

Good Luck in your web site promotion.

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