Not all back links created equal

Do you think that the total number of pages or the quality of the content is more important for your US web site promotion?

Back links are important for web site promotion, but the quality of back links is more important than the total number of links. A large number of low quality pages is not as valuable as a smaller number of pages with high quality content.

That is not to say that a single page of high quality content is enough. Your web site should have a minimum number of pages. How many pages are a minimum for a web site? Frankly, I don’t know the answer to that question. I guess the best answer, is as many as you have.

Mostly I am blogging these days, so whatever the page count is today, it will be one greater tomorrow. Even if you only have a few pages to your web site, don’t hesitate to put it online, but build on whatever you have today, so that tomorrow will have more and better content.

Any good US web site promotion should be based on a variety of subjects within your scope. Write with confidence and write truthfully about what you know. If you are not sure of something, state that fact. You might find that a reader will supply the answer to your question.

That is certainly a possibility. In any case, the very best way to gain good back links to your web site is to provide good content on your site that readers will find valuable. Your web site will then become a magnet for good back links.

What are the easiest ways to get back links? Read other blogs in your niche, and provide useful commentary in the comments section. I know there is a big debate over follow, and no follow blogs, but the primary consideration again, is whether your comments are useful to the discussion and help further clarify or elucidate questions, problems, etc.

I know it’s possible to analyze and search out “do follow” blogs, but I don’t use that to guide my commenting. I look for high traffic blogs that have stories I am interested in, and I make comments only when I feel I have something useful to say that will benefit the readers. This is a simple and straight forward method, that anyone can follow.

So far as concerns about finding those premium high quality back links using your main keywords in anchor text, commenting can work, if it is a “do follow” type of blog. The only ultimate solution do anchor text links may be either to guest post, or contact the blog owner, and ask for it. I know these kinds of links are highly coveted, especially from authority sites, but they seem to take some very hard work to achieve.

I do have a couple of blog carnivals where I post, in addition to numerous other bloggers in my niche. I recommend both Blog Catalog and StumbleUpon. I had been a StumbleUpon user for years, and one day I guess you could say I stumbled upon the idea, (sorry), to submit my site there, and it seemed to work, and bring in some traffic.

I don’t really put much stock in trading links, or using link exchanges. Directories can be helpful, but try to find ones that are related to your niche, rather than general purpose directories.

One very strong recommendation I need to make is never to buy or sell links to your web site. This will get you into trouble just about as fast as any illegal spam technique.

Good Luck in your web site promotion efforts !

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