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Use Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords can be found for Web Site Promotion Using Good Keyword Research. Long tail keywords are phrases that string several keywords together. For example Promotion, or Web Promotion would be short tail keywords for this particular post. Web Site Promotion could be the main keyword. Web Site Promotion strategy, Web Site Web Site […]

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Use HTML Editor for best WordPress results

I know that much of this post will fall on deaf ears, but it will make your life with WordPress easier, if you choose to follow this one very simple recommendation. Use an HTML editor with WordPress.Why would you want to do that ? Let me explain. It seems to me that most people use […]

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What are 10 keys to make US web site promotion marketing work?

What are the successful elements of a US web site promotion? This is a brief list, but a comprehensive one. 1) A Hosted WordPress Blog – there really is no better vehicle, or platform, for US web site promotion today. Why, you may ask? A WordPress Blog out of the box, without any customization, is […]

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